Supporting each child to make their first school experience a special one. • Ages 3-5


The first duty of an education is to stir up life but leave it free to develop.
–Maria Montessori

Grace Montessori School
Walk through our doors and you will find a warm inviting child friendly space, influenced by the 100 year old teachings of Maria Montessori. Our classroom is rich in sunshine, natural wood and classroom materials unique to the Montessori approach. Our classroom will provide the structure children need to develop self discipline along with a sense of self which will be life sustaining.

Grace Montessori will offer your child opportunities to develop strong skills in math and reading. It is also strong in helping children develop independence as well as grace and courtesy. Your child will also learn about the world through use of maps, exploring cultures and the animals unique to each continent.

Grace Montessori
We will be offering lessons in foreign language, art and music through a specialist whose own children grew up with a Montessori experience. Here at Grace Montessori, we also strongly believe in connecting children with their natural environment. They will learn not only about themselves but also have firsthand experience in learning the strong connection between all living things. As they develop these skills, they will experience and understand how each of us has a role to play in our classroom, our environment and the world.

In my experience, I have found no other approach to education that puts as much emphasis on supporting the child to learn these important life sustaining lessons as much as learning traditional concepts such as math, reading, geography and science. It is the Montessori Approach that has given me permission and construct to teach the way I knew in my heart to be right, nurturing the whole child, mind, body and spirit. This is why I am so passionate about calling myself a Montessori Educator.
–Katherine Johnston, MEd.

Grace Montessori also includes a faith based perspective to their understanding. This includes prayer, faith based discussions and opportunities for each child to discover and build their own personal relationship with God.